Feverland is a found photographic project meant to explore the disfiguring effect of time on memories. 

While documenting the natural (and unnatural) decay of an abandoned home in a complimentary video project entitled Transmuting Vacancy, I have since gathered a number of discarded 35mm color slides from the aged debris. The slides, once a nostalgic way to look back on time, have now ripened into decayed and fragmented frames of the past. 


The decay that has engulfed these 35mm slides represent a metaphor for how easily a memory can become distorted, fragmented, or even destroyed over long periods of time and neglect.

The video below is an installation view of this project - a sequence of images reflects on this idea of time and how it eventually deteriorates the mental image of what was once remembered so clearly.


Kodak Ektagraphic iii slide projector, found 35mm slides, looped